Newsletter #6:
"Delivering 1700 Petitions"

DATE: December 5, 2023

Friend --

Our elected officials always need to hear from us.

This Thursday, December 7, State Senator Sandra O’Brien, joined by many of our county elected officials, will be holding an open house to hear from local constituents — and we are all invited.

I will be there. Will you join us?

Now that over 1,700 Geauga residents have signed our petition to “Stop the Geauga Tax Hike,” I will be hand-delivering these petitions to our elected officials at the open house this Thursday.

If you can join me, I would be honored to see you there. Be sure to RSVP to Auditor Chuck Walder and let him know that I sent you!

And if you haven’t yet taken a moment to sign and share our petition, it is not too late…

… but don’t wait too long. We are printing them all off tomorrow!

For an update on the effect our petition efforts are already having against the tax hike, I have more good news to report.

In one Geauga school district, we hit the trifecta: (1) our County Commissioners, (2) the West Geauga Local Schools, and (3) the trustees of Russell, Chester, and Newbury Townships, have all taken action.

These efforts within each layer of government have set a model for all of Geauga County — offsetting these property revaluations with tax relief.

Let's celebrate this achievement, while imploring other areas of Geauga County that haven't completely followed suit (especially other school districts) to take commensurate action to stop the tax hike!

With record inflation already hitting pocketbooks, local families cannot afford dramatic increases to their property tax bills.

Carolyn, with her son and daughter, in the midst of an ugly sweater snowball fight at Fellowship City Church in Bainbridge.

The Brakey Family and friends run in the Ugly Sweater 5k and one-mile Penguin Waddle in Burton.

And now for something completely different — ugly sweaters and snowball fights!

Who says there is no fun to be had on the campaign trail?

Even as we petition our government to protect property taxpayers, there’s time to gather with community to celebrate the Christmas season.

Tree lightings, Christmas parades, and snowball fights are among the many ways families greet the arrival of winter.

Each one is an opportunity to connect with the people — big and small — that I seek to represent and serve as a Geauga County Commissioner.

What are your favorite festivities for the holidays?

Thank you for all your support in our efforts to protect local taxpayers!

Let’s continue making a difference.

For Liberty!
Carolyn Brakey
Republican for Geauga County Commissioner

P.S. This Thursday, I am delivering over 1,700 petitions to “Stop the Geauga Tax Hike” at an Open House with Senator Sandra O’Brien and our Geauga County Elected Officials.

If you can join us, I would love to see you there!

Open House w/ Senator Sandra O’Brien
and our Geauga County Elected Officials

Thursday, December 7, 2023
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

The Chardon Heritage House
111 E. Park Street
Chardon, OH

To ensure our elected officials can hear
from the people they represent and serve.

Email Auditor Chuck Walder

And if you’ve yet to do so, it is not too late to sign and share our petition to “Stop the Geauga Tax Hike.