NEWSLETTER #20: "Summer is for Patriots"

DATE: June 7, 2024

"Summer is upon on us. That means we have many opportunities to honor our country, our veterans, and the freedom so many have sacrificed to secure. Of course, defending our liberties is one of the main reasons I am running to serve the people of Geauga County as your next commissioner."

NEWSLETTER #19: "Maple Time"

DATE: May 2, 2024

"As an outspoken pancake pundit, the Geauga County Maple Festival is one of my favorite events each year. Forget Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Buttersworth (or whatever they’re being called these days) — corn syrup has nothing on authentic maple syrup made right here in Geauga County."

NEWSLETTER #18: "Decisive Victory" 

DATE: March 26, 2024

"We achieved a significant victory last week — for the freedoms and paychecks of all Geauga residents — and I am honored to earn the Republican nomination for the upcoming general election this November."

"Newcomer Brakey, Incumbent Spidalieri Clinch Commish Seats"

Geauga Maple Leaf - March 20, 2024

"Brakey, who ran for Commissioner Tim Lennon’s seat after he chose not to run again, defeated her opponent, former Commissioner Walter “Skip” Claypool, with 7,684 votes to his 5,893 — a 14% margin.

"Reached via text Tuesday night, Brakey said she is honored to receive the support of Geauga Republicans and will carry the party’s message into the general election.

“When I announced I was running for commissioner, I promised to work with everyone inside and outside the Republican Party who wants to move Geauga forward in a more virtuous direction,' Brakey said. 'That promise still stands and extends to my opponent’s supporters just as much as my own.”

"Election 2024: Spidalieri, Brakey win Geauga GOP commissioner primaries"

The News Herald - March 19, 2024

"There were 68,031 registered voters eligible to cast votes in the commissioner primary races, according to Geauga County Elections Board records.

NEWSLETTER #17: "Today — I need your vote!" 

DATE: March 19, 2024

"Many expect this to be a close race. To win, I need you to vote today!"

NEWSLETTER #16: "Tomorrow"

DATE: March 18, 2024

"Friends don’t let friends forget to vote. Take a quick moment today to text your family and friends about this race for Geauga County Commissioner — and ensure they have a plan to cast their ballot."

NEWSLETTER #15: "Never Waffle on Freedom"

DATE: March 12, 2024

"Our campaign remains focused on the issues — defending freedoms, protecting paychecks, and defeating dysfunction. As noted in last week’s newsletter, however, my opponent is making his final arguments by running paid ads in the newspaper — attacking pancakes and the people who love them."

NEWSLETTER #14: "Fighting Flapjacks?"

DATE: March 7, 2024

"I told you that mud season had begun, but I never imagined my opponent would spend campaign dollars attacking pancakes and the people who love them."

NEWSLETTER #13: "Mud Season"

DATE: March 1, 2024

"It must be mud season (because my opponent is flinging a lot of it). But while he attacks with misleading claims, half-truths, and even outright lies, I am focusing on the issues that matter."

NEWSLETTER #12: "Flying Like Hotcakes"

DATE: February 15, 2024

"Word of mouth is always the most powerful form of advertising — and when people see that their neighbors care enough to display their support with a yard sign on their own lawn, it has a meaningful impact for our campaign."

NEWSLETTER #11: "Birthdays and Yard Signs"

DATE: February 8, 2024

"Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday to support our campaign and celebrate my 42nd birthday! Well over 100 people were in attendance, and many took home one of our newly released yard signs to proudly display on their lawns."

"Over 100 Attend Brakey Fundraiser"

Geauga County Maple Leaf - February 8, 2024

"Geauga County Commissioner candidate Carolyn Brakey’s Feb. 4 fundraiser was a showcase of support from elected officials, as well as a birthday celebration with over 100 in attendance... Among those who turned out at the E.O.U.V. Hall on Pekin Road to cheer on Brakey were county-level officials, as well as U.S. Congressman Dave Joyce (R- Bainbridge Township), who stopped by the fundraiser-cum-birthday celebration."

NEWSLETTER #10: "what dysfunction?"

DATE: January 31, 2024

"I've had a front row seat for dysfunction in county government, and I am running to defeat it."

NEWSLETTER #9: "only 5 days left"

DATE: January 19, 2024

"I hope you will take a moment to let me know if you will join us at our upcoming fundraiser for my 42nd birthday. We need all RSVPs in by January 24 — just 5 days away!"


DATE: January 4, 2024

"While I’ve been busy on the campaign trail meeting the voters of Geauga County, my husband and our twins have been busy organizing a February 4 celebration. We’d like to cordially invite you to join other family, friends, and supporters for our Brakey Birthday Bash."


Auburn Township - December 21, 2023

"The Primary contest between two Republicans, Carolyn Brakey and former Commissioner Walter Claypool, defeated twice for the same position, will undoubtedly be the most challenging one that will determine Geauga County’s future. Whatever the outcome, we must inform that Candidate Brakey has quietly attended nearly every single Commissioner meeting and taken notes. She is one of the most indefatigable candidates we have ever met."

"Thousands sign petition against tax hike"

Chagrin Valley Today - December 21, 2023

"Geauga Board of Health President Carolyn Brakey said that she launched the petition to spread awareness and show that the county’s residents are deeply concerned about the tax increases.

"She presented a stack of petitions with the signees’ names to State Sen. Sandra O’Brien (R-Rome) at a recent open house to meet the senator held at Chardon’s Heritage House. Sen. O’Brien carted the stack out with her upon leaving the event, Mrs. Brakey said.

"She said that she posted the petition online and from there, its spread was organic. Within about a week, it had over 300 signatures and snowballed from there. The community’s feedback on the petition was overwhelmingly positive.

NEWSLETTER #7: "It Can Only Mean One Thing"

DATE: December 20, 2023

"This time of family togetherness is a joyful capstone to a year of hard work on behalf of the people of Geauga County."

"Sen. O’Brien Pledges to Help Resolve Property Tax Increases"

Geauga Maple Leaf - December 14, 2023

"Carolyn Brakey, president of the Geauga County Board of Health, presented O’Brien with a stack of more than 1,000 petitions signed by county residents urging the legislature to solve the tax problem and cease taxation without representation, Brakey said."

NEWSLETTER #6: "Delivering 1700 Petitions"

DATE: December 5, 2023

"Now that over 1,700 Geauga residents have signed our petition to 'Stop the Geauga Tax Hike,' I will be hand-delivering these petitions to our elected officials at the open house this Thursday."

"GPH, County Commissioners Rent Standoff Ends"

Geauga Maple Leaf - November 30, 2023

"It has been decided GPH will not have to pay rent for their new space, said Geauga County Board of Health President Carolyn Brakey."

"Commissioners rescind request for yearly rent for GPH office"

Chagrin Valley Today - November 30, 2023

"Mrs. Brakey, who announced her county commissioner candidacy in July, questioned what motivated the commissioners’ office to ask for rent.

“What were they trying to achieve?' she said. 'Why did they withhold those attorney general opinions if they had them all along when they made the rent request?'

NEWSLETTER #5: "Less Taxes, More Turkey"

DATE: November 21, 2023

"When together with family this Thanksgiving, Geaugans should be focused on passing the gravy boat, not worried about losing their homes! Thankfully, we are making a difference by making our voice heard to our elected officials."

NEWSLETTER #4: "Has Your Tax Hike Arrived Yet?"

DATE: November 10, 2023

"Notices of property revaluations — with increases exceeding 40% for some families — will result in a huge tax hike for property owners absent action by our elected officials."

NEWSLETTER #3: "Ghosts, Goblins, & Tax Hikes"

DATE:  October 25, 2023

"We had a lot of fun and found a lot of spooky costumes — including ghosts and goblins — but Geauga homeowners are bracing for something far more scary… the Geauga Property Tax Hike."

NEWSLETTER #2: "This One's A Little Cheesy"

DATE: October 12, 2023

"I took a tour of one of Geauga County’s great success stories — an excellent example of local, high-paying job creation: Great Lakes Cheese in Troy Township."

NEWSLETTER #1: "Hitting the Ground Running"

DATE: September 28, 2023

“That’s why I am running for County Commissioner — to fix problems, protect families, and respect taxpayers,” writes Carolyn Brakey in her first campaign newsletter.

Brakey Announces Run for Commissioner Seat

Geauga County Maple Leaf - June 20, 2023

"Carolyn Brakey, president of the Geauga County Board of Health, announced June 10 she is running as a Republican for Geauga County commissioner to tackle what she calls government dysfunction."

Carolyn Brakey seeks Geauga County commissioner’s seat

Chagrin Valley Today - June 15, 2023

"She says it’s nothing personal against Geauga County Commissioners and fellow Republicans Jim Dvorak, Tim Lennon or Ralph Spidalieri, but Carolyn Brakey is throwing her hat in the ring in the 2024 county commissioner’s race."

Carolyn Brakey Announces Campaign for Geauga County Commissioner

Lobbyists for Citizens - June 14, 2023

“Those who hold positions of power in the upper echelons of county government are quick to concede  that their relationships are irreparably broken,” Brakey said to the more than 75 attendees, including  more than a dozen current and former elected officials. “The two Commissioners up for reelection literally aren’t on speaking terms with many other county officials, let alone collaborating to solve  Geauga’s problems."

New GPH Board Member Seated

Geauga County Maple Leaf - March 31, 2022

"Current GPH board member and previous President David Gragg had been favored by the screening committee for reappointment, but when the votes were cast, newcomer Carolyn Brakey took 11 out of 18 — including from some in the screening committee whose votes flipped in her favor."

Crain's 2021 Notable General Counsels: Carolyn Brakey

Crain's Cleveland Business- April 15, 2021

"When it comes to legal matters surrounding complicated energy contracts and regulation, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone in Northeast Ohio with more knowledge."