Newsletter #10:
"what dysfunction?"

DATE: January 31, 2024

Friend --

I am running to defeat dysfunction, but some may ask, “What dysfunction?”

As President of the Geauga Board of Health, I am proud of the work we have done to cut spending and keep taxes low, while ensuring full delivery of public health services for Geauga residents.

And in that role, I have also had a front row seat to some of the dysfunction in county government. 

For example, when the Commissioners’ Office recently spent time and taxpayer resources to issue unprecedented demands for rent payments from Geauga Public Health, I was a little frustrated… but thankfully, I had the law in hand.

Pointing to an Attorney General’s opinion that the Commissioners’ Office conveniently kept hidden from the Board of Health, I argued that the county is legally obligated to provide space at no charge to Geauga Public Health — and won the day.

But the Commissioners’ Office won’t leave well enough alone. Even the Chagrin Valley Times noted the dysfunction, satirizing it in their paper.

The Chagrin Valley Times recently satirized the dysfunction in county government.

I'm running for Geauga County Commissioner to solve problems — not make problems. That’s why, upon election, I will work to defend freedoms, protect paychecks, and defeat dysfunction.

I hope you are with me.

In past newsletters, I told you about our upcoming my 42nd birthday fundraiser taking place this Sunday, February 4.

While the RSVP deadline has passed and we are expecting strong attendance, I set aside a limited supply of extra tickets for late deciders — so if that’s you, it is not yet too late!

Will you take a moment right now to RSVP for our February 4 Brakey Birthday Bash celebration?

You are invited to Carolyn’s 42nd Birthday!

With Election Day (March 19th) right around the corner, I am campaigning hard every day — meeting the people (and even the dogs) of Geauga County.

Recently, I accepted the invitation from Ken Clarke, CEO of Rescue Village, to sit down with him to discuss the importance of the organization to the County.

I was sure to "complain" to Ken about how my eight-year-old daughter fell in love with the (since-adopted) Harley at Rescue Village's summer camp.

Not to be outdone, Ken introduced me to this adorable pup on my personal tour of the facility!

Carolyn is hard at work everyday meeting the mammals of Geauga County.

While I would love to spend the entire campaign playing with puppies, our K-9 friends can’t vote.

So I appreciated the opportunity to speak this week with the Geauga County Women's Republican Club, of which I am also a member.

We discussed my plans to defend freedoms, protect paychecks, and defeat dysfunction as your next Geauga County Commissioner.

Carolyn speaks at the Geauga County Women’s Republican Club.

As February begins, we are approaching the final sprint to the finish line for this Republican Primary.

Thank you to everyone who is running alongside me in this race!

And if you have yet to RSVP for this Sunday’s Brakey Birthday Bash fundraiser, be sure to CLICK HERE to snag a ticket before it’s too late.

I hope to see you on Sunday.

For Liberty!
Carolyn Brakey
Republican for Geauga County Commissioner

P.S. I am running a campaign to defeat dysfunction — and I hope you are with me.

In just four days, we are hosting a fundraiser and celebration for my 42nd birthday (organized by my husband and our twins), and we still have a few tickets available.

So if you’ve yet to RSVP, snag a ticket today before it's too late!

Thank you for all your support!